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Mad, bad, and dangerous to know...

Isaac Newton's Scalder, Abraham, Prophesies the End of the World

Carlo Parcelli:

Monologist, poet, modern vaudevillian, Maryland State Beat Poet Laureate

Isaac Newton's Scalder, Isaac, Prophesies the End of the World

A blistering wordsmithing of history, philosophy, political rave, and poetry.  

"Mad genius Carlo Parcelli's work is pure fire, where intellect, mythology, bright irreverence and cold hard reality converge and boil over in an electric chemical reaction that will leave you contemplating where you've been, why it felt so good, and eager to return for a second sizzling." - John Burroughs, poet, spoken word artist, and founding editor of Crisis Chronicles Press

"For five decades Carlo Parcelli has been extending and reinventing the Modern Epic, which Ezra Pound famously defined as 'a poem with history.' But to history Parcelli has also added epistemology and, like Sir Isaac Newton, religion and science. Only, unlike the dour Newton, Parcelli is ferociously funny and hilariously perverse!" - Jack Foley, novelist, playwright, and editor of FlashPoint Magazine

"Carlo Parcelli is a gentle man yet a strong presence, sometimes transforming himself like Moses, ready to part the seas. Once taking the stage, he takes command of the audience. His poetry is highly assertive and their stories take your mind to another time, with his East End Cockney accent and Shakespearean rhetoric. His words are as true today as they would have been in days they are set in. Carlo weaves words together like a master craftsman. It's a true pleasure to read, listen to and be in the presence of this multi talented man. " - Debbie Tosun Kilday, Co-Owner & Founder of National Beat Poetry Foundation, Inc.

ISBN#: 978-1732679429   From Venetian Spider Press,  2018

The US National Beat Poet Laureate in Paperback

The softcover edition of hardcore poetry

Released and unleashed, "Selected Poems and Passions:  1972-2011" is a manifesto of poetry from the sublime to the knife-twisting tour de force.  Now available in a softcover edition at an MSRP of $19.95 from online and brick and mortar book dealers around the world.

ISBN #9781732679436  $19.95.  From Venetian Spider Press, 2019.


the best of amomancies... prepare to be enraptured...

the best of amomancies

culled from the unique literary and photography journal, celebrating passion and beauty.  Featuring the works of over 30 poets and nearly a dozen photographers and models.

available online or at your favourite bookstore 10/15/2018

ISBN #9781732679412  $39.95.  From Venetian Spider Press, 2018.

...and, we release our first book

Selected Poems and Passions: 1972 - 2011

...a selection of poems by award-winning and best-selling poet William F. DeVault, the US Beat Poet Laureate (2017-2018) and Romantic Poet of the Internet (since 1996!)

over 250 poems spanning nearly 40 years

available online or by order at your favorite brick and mortar store

ISBN #9781732679405  $39.95.  From Venetian Spider Press, 2018.

who or what is Venetian Spider Press?

A new publishing house


Built from the experience and a knowledge of the industry, but fully anchored in creative, quality, entertaining books.  From children's books to solid adult prose and poetry.

Offering an array of books


We're not going to stick with a niche and get mired in the genres.  We want to experiment, to grow, to find what readers want.

New and established authors


Award winners, proven word artists, and fresh talent not buried or hidden under the established and establishment business models.

It is October and time...

for yet another book...we may be new, but we're scrappy.  On October 15th, in conjunction with amomancies, the renegade poetry and photo literary magazine, we release the best of amomancies, celebrating beautiful words and beautiful images.  See the story on our main site about it!


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